Redesigning the MapSwipe mobile app experience.

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My role
UX Designer

Project Manager, 2 Developers, Missing Maps, MSF and HOT teams.

User research, sketches, prototyping, usability testing, high fidelity mockups, visual design.

Putting vulnerable people on the map

“Humanitarian can’t help people if they can’t find them.”

MapSwipe is a mobile app that lets users map out towns and villages in remote areas around the world that are not represented on maps. By identifying objects such as buildings and roads on satellite imagery, users help humanitarian organizations such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Humanitarian Open Street Mapping Team (HOT) and the British Red Cross map out remote populations.

This data is used by field teams during times of humanitarian crises and enables them to identify and quickly send help to the world’s most remote and vulnerable populations.

Redesigning the MapSwipe experience

The existing MapSwipe app was built as a prototype and was never intended to be sustained over the past two years. The app is mired with a host of usability issues.

I was tasked with redesigning the MapSwipe experience to help put the world’s most vulnerable populations on the map.